Announcing Fables, Legends, Stories & Tales!

I’ve been living the life of a freelance artist for almost a decade now (That sounds a little crazy when I say it out loud!). In all that time, I have never published a collection of my work, until now.

As I travel each year on my national tour, I have quite a few conversations with people saying that they don’t hang art on their walls, but they would absolutely put a book of my art on their shelf of coffee table. I always thought I’d get around to putting together a collection, but I never did. I think the idea of taking a bunch of my existing art and slapping it together into a book just seemed… too easy.

So, instead, I’m working on Fables, Legends, Stories & Tales. It will be an 80-page, 11 by 17 inch, full color book, featuring roughly seventy new word art pieces by yours truly (rounded out by a handful of my most personal pieces). Instead of a general collection of my work, Fables will focus on the stories that have informed who I am as an artist, writer, sometimes performer, and always geek. Expect representations of my favorite gothic horror, classic science fiction, poetry, theatre, myths, fairy tales, and more.

The current plan is to Kickstart Fables sometime in Q3 2017. I won’t begin a campaign until the art for the book is 100% complete, so the plan is for a quick turnaround time from the Kickstart to delivery of the backers’ rewards. The largest portion of that timeframe will be how long it takes for the books to be made and shipped to me, possibly overseas.

I look forward to sharing news, updates, and sneak peeks at new art as work on Fables continues!

In the meantime, thank you for your interest, and for your support.