Scott W Smith


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"A picture is worth a thousand words." That's what they always say.

"Show, don't tell." That's straight out of Creative Writing 101.

"A picture is a poem without words." So spake the great poet Horace.

Images and words are all around us. They compete with one another for our attention, each speaking to different parts of our brain in completely different languages. There are many ways they are used to compliment one another: screenplays and cinematography, comic book panels and speech bubbles, chapters and illustrations.

But what if the two were inextricably combined? What if there was no delineation where one ends and the other begins?

Welcome to Fables, Legends, Stores & Tales

Creator Scott W Smith

Please return here in the coming days for a look into Scott's process and history.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Fables, Legends, Stories and Tales?

Fables is the first ever collection of the work of text artist Scott W Smith. It will be an 80-page, perfect-bound 11x17" art book printed on high-quality satin paper, suitable for your coffee table, bookshelf, or other spot of honor.

Where Can I Purchase a Copy?

While not yet available, the book will first launch via Kickstarter. Once the Kickstart funds and all rewards  are fulfilled, remaining copies of the first run (if any) will become available for retail and wholesale purchase.

When Will the Kickstarter Begin?

Fables will feature over 60 brand-new images, created just for the book. The Kickstart will begin when those images and the rest if the work in designing the book is complete. The goal is as little time as possible between the Kickstart funding and books shipping to backers. Currently I'm shooting for Q3 2018

How Can I Get Involved?

Please share any of the images, text, and details about Fables freely. Send me your thoughts and suggestions. Earmark some funds to buy a few copies as holiday gifts. Follow me. Take a look at my other work and consider purchasing a print. Buy me a cup of coffee to fuel late night art sessions. Send me words of encouragement.