Bloody Mary

I was told that if you said “Hell Mary” seven times in front of a mirror in a dark room, you would see Satan’s image in the mirror. The story was embellished further by the teller, who claimed that after three “Hell Mary”, the mirror turned red, and that after five an unclear face appeared.

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Is there really anyone who didn't play Bloody Mary when they were young? To me the legend evokes grade school sleepovers, staying up late, watching scary movies in the dark, hiding in the hall to jump-scare the first unsuspecting kid who takes a trip to drain some Mountain Dew.

It speaks to darker things too, adult things. Fears of the dark, and the unknown, and death. The fear that, right there, hidden in your own reflection, is some Thing, and it's coming for you. Boo!

The text in this image is an original essay about the Mary legend,  by yours truly. Full text coming soon!

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